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For some reason every year it surprises me anew that you were born on the same day as my brother. I would send you some of the cake but I doubt it would survive. Anyway, happy birthday to you, delaese!
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I Accidentally Fic

Title: Best Kept Secret
Fandom: Strike Back
Pairing: John Porter/Damien Scott
Rating: NC17
Disclaimer: I don't own them, they own me. No money made, no harm intended.
Summary: There are some things Damien Scott prefers Section 20 not knowing.
Warning: character death, violence, angst, blood, language
Word count: 4095
A/N: Because this pairing wouldn't let me be. Love and cookies for my loyal betagothicdragon752who jumped to the rescue. All remaining mistakes are mine. I felt all my rusty old writer's joints creak, so please be merciful.

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Can't stop won't stop

Thank you lovelies for the good vibes! Second round for the jackpot went well, if the higher ups give us the green light I might be employed soon. Let's just hope this is going to work out the way it's supposed to. *crosses everything* Never would've thought a position with the government (especially this one) would make me happy, but what did I know indeed when I pledged never to work for them again.

In other news, I should have never ever started playing Dragon Age and that's official. Because damn you Bioware and your stuff that I cannot keep my hands off because omfg SHINY and EPIC and OMG PLOT and CHARACTERS. Okay, not as shiny as Mass Effect but I'm not going to look a gift Warden in the mouth. And it's similarly addictive and exciting.

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Friday (an ode to social media)

This post is brought to you by further incompetence of my government. What happened is that Ned Stark (and the weather dude) told us that winter was coming. With a bunch of snow even, because winter is a bitch and does things like that. Now, what you need to know about our dear old government (referred to as DOG hereafter) is that their motto is somewhere there with "I refuse your reality and substitute my own". So after electing a commissioner whose sole task is to make sure winter doesn't damage us more than it is reasonable in an advanced European society, our guys indeed decided that they want to have a pissing contest with nature.

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PS: Completely off topic, but I finally finished the second season of Strike Back and I ship Scott/Porter so hard it hurts. Anyone out there sharing the love?  

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Thanks for all the fish

Happy birthday to you, siehn karadin  laufeyette and madisuzy ! Hope you all had a great day and celebrated accordingly.

In other news, thanks for all the words of encouragement and hugs sent my way, It really does mean a lot, and I'm very touched by your kindness. I have a second round of interviews coming up on Friday, so fingers crossed! Off to the dentist soon, so hoping the teeth that gave me trouble recently will be finally fixed too. Yay!

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