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Ah, umm... hi?

 So, let's do this! Because some crazy awesome folks had birthdays recently that I toasted on the weekend, ven if I wasn't around the internet (oww, country trips) to wish them a very happy birthday full of rainbows and pretty boys being pretty. Preferably with each other.

Happy Birthday to you darling naurring , kentucka , mirien and tessisamess !

I hope you had a good one, just as fantastic as you deserve, and as heavy on the cake as you wish for.

And since I finally managed to get down to writing an entry, I wanted to share a bit of good news too. On the 5th of June the Date (who really needs a new nickname at this point, I know) asked me to marry him and I said yes. I now have the shiniest ring known to man and a wedding coming up somewhere in 2016. Brace yourselves.

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