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When I was starting to think my quest for employment was doomed to hell and back, they finally called me and we did the paperwork. (You'd think I was applying for some national security jamboree with all the bullshit I had to sign and arrange. I still have to get a medical examination and make a trip to HR and another one to Accounting. Oh, and the oath.)

Granted I have six months of probation and am pretty anxious, but at least it's finally on. It finally means money and owning things and moving in with the Date and eventually moving from the Date's current place, and as a cherry on top the Date is getting a new comp so I will be getting his old one, which is better than I have ever seen, much less had. So, yay. I also plan on investing in a mobile internet package, so that means I won't be cut off the web on the weekends.

This is my scared but excited face.

Granted, my mom and dad are less than happy. Well, they are happy about the job, they dislike the moving part. They are honest to god expecting me to stay home and pay them rent. Well, they wouldn't call it rent, they call it a contribution or a repayment depending on their actual line of reasoning. On some level I understand them but I'm also disappointed that this is their primary concern.

Because me, I'm like:

And they are like:

But at least things are taking shape and there are things of massive excitement on the horizon. I'm looking forward to being more independent and managing my own household. It seems like an exciting challenge. Just like work.

Oh, and I also posted a Loki drabble on AO3 in case you are interested.

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